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I Scream 
IBU 10 – ABV 5.6% **contains peanuts
Local Local Local ice cream from Nelson’s Ice Cream has been added to this awesome brew. How much? Not a scoop or 2, but more like 60 pounds of chocolate, peanut butter and caramel ice cream in this crazy batch followed up by caramel, carabrown, and chocolate malts! Be adventurous and give it a swirl.

The Blues Hefeweisen (leaving soon)
IBU 10 – ABV 5.7%
Escape the blues with this blueberry hefe. Take a sip and you’ll be seeing those blue lakes, blue skies, and honey with those sweet blue eyes!

Rippin’ Raspberry Hefeweisen (coming soon)
IBU 10 – ABV 5.7%
This brew is doused with 40 pounds of raspberries, tons of unfiltered wheat (to give you that great haze), and a special yeast strain to make the hefe shine through.

Extra Puck’in Awesome EPA 
IBU 40 – ABV 5.3%
Calling all Extra Pale Ale lovers. We hopped this one up with seven citrus hops! We added a little caramel malt for flavor and a nice clean yeast strain to equal bow-chica-wow-wow EPA bliss. So, pick up your sticks and cross check your way to the bar to get this before the game is over.

Sandbar Summer Ale
IBU 15 – ABV 5.5%
This easy drinker almost hit the pale ale mark but fell a little short, however the blend of 4 hops will not let you down with flavor galore.

Pre Prohibition Submission Lager
IBU 25 – ABV 5.4%
Let’s go way back in years with this pre prohibition lager and see what beer tasted like back in the day. Using 6 row barley, flaked maize and cluster hops this one quenched many people’s thirst when there were very few ingredients to choose from. So time travel up to the bar and get one before the disappear back into the past. Made with local hops from St Croix Valley Hops.

White Butt IPA
IBU 60 – ABV 7%
This IPA has yet to see the sun! This butt has plenty of kick due to the generous amount of mosaic hops.

Maple Island Bock
IBU 15 – ABV 6.6%
This creamy smooth bock is made with  Sanderson Family 100% Pure Maple Syrup harvested from trees in Wisconsin!

Burlesque Kolsch
IBU 19 – ABV 5.2%
This super easy drinking Kolsch has a bit of Canadian honey malt and low bitterness, so it’s sure to refresh.

Cup of Joe Freakshow
IBU 12 – ABV 4.7%
Oatmeal stout made with creamy oats, cold pressed coffee and a hint of vanilla.

Root Beer **non-alcoholic
Homemade and perfect for a hot summer day!

Maple Root Beer **non-alcoholic
I mean, our name is Maple Island, isn’t it? Gotta have a maple-flavored rootbeer.

Glasses – $5.00

Flights – $10.00

Free Popcorn!