Who We Are

Maple Island Brewing is a craft micro-brewery/tap room in historic downtown Stillwater, Minnesota. Enjoying full flavored craft beers with good friends is our inspiration, always thoughtfully and creatively crafting each beer using unique and often local ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your brewery dog-friendly? Pups are more than welcome on our wrap-around patio overlooking the beautiful St. Croix!

Is your patio covered? Yes, you can enjoy our patio even on rainy days!

Are kids allowed? Absolutely! We offer craft soda, pop and bottled water. 

Do you offer tours? Unfortunately, since we are such a small brewery, we do not offer tours. We do offer flights where you can taste any five of our brews.

Owner/Operator – Frank Fabio

SallyFrankFrank is not just the owner of the brewery/taproom, he is an idea man with a brain that never shuts off. He has motivation that never dies down and a love for doing things that keep a community growing and thriving. Frank bought the property to build offices for his fire/water restoration company in 2012. Prior to Maple Island Brewing, the building housed Maple Island Hardware and before that, Maple Island Creamery.

Once the offices were built on the second floor, what left was a wide open space. To Frank, this was a blank canvas. Several ideas came to mind with the space, Harley shop, restaurant or an event center. However, Frank was inspired by craft beer and decided to open a craft brewery and taproom. With the help and support of friends and family, the Maple Island Brewing came to fruition. The idea wasn’t just to have a micro brewery, but to offer unique flavor combinations that customers couldn’t find anywhere else – flavors that would have people talking. After 8 months of hard work, Maple Island Brewing opened its doors to the public.

Frank lives just outside Stillwater with his beautiful wife Sally and their twins, Vincent and Veera.

Head Brewmaster – Nic Brau

nicfamSince I was a kid, my family, friends and I have been visiting and hunting in a small town called Lucan, MN. When I was a teenager, this town became home to the Brauhaus brewpub that made their own craft beers. The most memorable brew that I had there was the Strawberry Wheat. After trying it, I was hooked! On every journey out to Lucan, I filled my trunk with Growlers of Brau Bros beer. After years of making this 3 hour journey, I decided it was time to brew my own beers.

I started out like anyone else, getting buckets, carboys and siphons. This became an obsession for me! I turned my house into a mini brewery with an all grain fly sparge set up, wort chillers, as well as bottling and kegging into a kreezer I built.

Soon people were wanting to buy my beer including my good friend, Frank Fabio. Frank got the idea to turn his building into a brewery/taproom and I could be his head brewmaster. Even though my plate was full with work, kids and a girlfriend, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. My girlfriend Gretchen told me I would kick myself forever if I didn’t do this with Frank. And so the adventure began!

My kids love to be involved in the process. Whether it’s cleaning, munching on brewing grains or helping me create great beer, this will forever be a family affair. My son Joe is responsible for helping create, name and brew our coffee oatmeal stout, “Cup of Joe Freakshow” which is a house staple brew.

I am proud to say that in our first year we brewed some of the craziest concoctions in MN using ingredients such as Crunch Berries, ice cream, pretzels and hand peeled citrus for our brews. Thanks to all of you for your support this last year – we wouldn’t be here without you! Cheers to the Beers!!! -Nic Brau

Assistant Brewer – Tony Freeman

tonytimTony is a lover of music, motorcycles and of course, craft beer. He took his passion for beer to Chicago, IL to study Advanced Brewing at the Siebel Institute. After years of being an avid home brewer, he now had his training and was ready to get serious. Thus, he joined the staff at Maple Island Brewing.

In his spare time, Tony enjoys visiting other craft breweries and taprooms to try the array of flavors that others have created. Whether it’s an idea or just pure enjoyment, Tony’s brain is always wrapped around beer.





225 Main Street North
Stillwater, MN 55082  [Google Map]