Venue Rental

Mezzanine Level – $100

Seats up to 40 people maximum and can hold 50 to 60 reception-style.

Bring in any catering, takeout or home-cooked meal for your guests to enjoy. There is a six-prong outlet for you to plug in any crockpots, coffee maker, etc.

You can decorate however you’d like as well.

A $50 charge is required upon booking. A second $50 charge will need to be paid upon arrival to the taproom on the day of your event in the mezzanine level. The price to rent the mezzanine is $100 total.


Table Cloths
You can rent our black tablecloths for all tables for $50 total.

Drink Tickets
You can purchase drink tickets for your guests ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about paying a tab at the end of the night.

Beyond beer, Maple Island sells soda and water for guests.


Taproom Rental – $6,000 to $9,000

Seats up to 250 total (patio, mezzanine and main level taproom).

Bring in any catering for your guests to enjoy.

You can decorate however you’d like as well.

Taproom employees to serve beverages, beer, soda and water is included in the rental fee.

Maple Island has the ability to host live entertainment, DJs, etc.


Event Rental Contact


**Please take note, LIVE music occurs Friday’s from 6-9pm, Saturday’s from 3-6pm and Sunday’s from 3-6pm (Sundays are summers only) – and there is an occasional event (trivia, comedy, paint night, etc) that might occur throughout the week. Always be sure to check the event calendar to make sure you are OK with the entertainment taking place during your desired event time.**